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Ellen Hoil

Riverhead Town Assessor
Ellen Hoil

Ellen Hoil moved from her childhood home in Smithtown to Riverhead over 20 years ago and has established herself as a dedicated community member.
Ellen attended undergraduate and graduate school on Long Island, culminating in earning her law degree from Touro College. She is a former union member, a respected author, and a firm believer in the ethical and professional requirements of being an attorney.
Ellen has a sound foundation in interpreting laws, budgeting, financial matters, and overseeing staff. She currently works as in-house counsel for small businesses, a position she has held for 15 years. This work experience includes acting as head of finance and marketing where she oversees budgeting, cash flow, marketing, as well as her legal work on contracts, regulatory compliance, and labor law.
Her respect for diversity stems from her own Latina/o background and active participation in the LGBTQ+ community.
Ellen lives in the Willow Ponds Community with her two loving cats. Her parents and family continue to live close by in Jamesport and other parts of Suffolk County.